Thursday April 20, 10:45 am - 11:45 am
Track 1: The Mission of Student Learning
Track 2: Student Engagement, Co-curricular Programs, and Mission Fulfillment
Track 3: Faculty Engagement and Mission Fulfillment
Track 4: The Impact of the Changing Higher Education Landscape on Institutional Mission
National University: Vets to BSN (V2BSN) and Nurse-Managed Clinic: Preparing Veterans for the Nursing Workforce and Healthcare for Low Income Communities

National University has developed two initiatives to improve healthcare quality and delivery: the Accelerated Track for the Vets to BSN Project (V2BSN), and the National University Nurse-Managed Clinic (NUNMC). V2BSN is designed to increase the number of military medics and corpsmen applying to, enrolling in, and graduating from National’s Baccalaureate of Science in Nursing program. V2BSN focuses on recruitment, pre-entry preparation, academic support services, and retention activities planned to achieve program goals for two cohorts of students admitted twice per year.

The National University Nurse-Managed Clinic Project contrasts existing healthcare delivery systems that exect patients to travel to a healthcare facility and delivers an inter-professional healthcare team directly to the community. Designed to reduce the morbidity and mortality rates of the patient population it serves in the Watts area of Los Angeles County in California, NUNMC provides comprehensive direct care to patients.  Telecommunication technologies maintain a cloud-based HIPAA-compliant electronic health record that enables remote biometric monitoring between onsite visits to follow clinical trends. Both programs operate by means of grant support from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and by significant nongovernmental funding.

Gloria J. McNeal
Dean, School of Health and Human Services
National University