Thursday April 20, 10:45 am - 11:45 am
Track 1: The Mission of Student Learning
Track 2: Student Engagement, Co-curricular Programs, and Mission Fulfillment
Track 3: Faculty Engagement and Mission Fulfillment
University of La Verne: Integrating Assessment of Mission and Values with Curricular and Co-Curricular Experiences

This session will focus on strategies for implementing a university-wide assessment plan for baccalaureate learning outcomes, including those connected to mission, exploration of identity, and values. Strategies include building a team of faculty and staff to teach courses and serve as facilitators (bridging the curricular and co-curricular), funding, and training.

Kat Weaver
Director of the La Verne Experience
University of La Verne
Sammy Elzarka
Director of the Center for the Advancement of Faculty Excellence
University of La Verne
Zandra Wagoner
University Chaplain
University of La Verne