Friday April 21, 8:30 am – 9:30 am
Track 1: The Mission of Student Learning
Rebecca Hong
Dean of Curriculum and Assessment
Biola University
The Year of Written Communication: Institutional Learning Outcomes Assessment at Hawai'i Pacific University

To engender a spirit of inquiry among its faculty, Hawai'i Pacific University has declared this academic year as the "Year of Written Communication." This approach to institutional learning outcomes assessment will use technology tools as catalysts for campus-wide discussions that engage faculty in conversations about student learning and educational effectiveness.

Valentina Abordonado
Assistant Dean for General Education
Hawai'i Pacific University
Improving Writing through Placement, Course Redesign, and Assessment

This presentation details a multipronged approach to addressing the writing needs in a program that combines business and science graduate-level writing. First, faculty collaborated to develop a preliminary writing assessment to determine placement. Students identified as needing help were placed in a writing class targeted to their specific needs.

Jane Rosenthal
Assistant Dean
Keck Graduate Institute
Andrew Long
Adjunct Faculty Member
Keck Graduate Institute