Thursday April 20, 8:00 am – 9:00 am
Track 1: The Mission of Student Learning
Track 2: Student Engagement, Co-curricular Programs, and Mission Fulfillment
Track 3: Faculty Engagement and Mission Fulfillment
Track 4: The Impact of the Changing Higher Education Landscape on Institutional Mission
Sharlene Sayegh
Director, Program Review & Assessment
California State University, Long Beach
Designing New Learning Spaces Through Inter-Institutional Collaboration

Inter-institutional collaboration between academic and non-academic departments is key to designing new learning spaces, as necessitated by changing curriculum and pedagogical standards. Involving representatives from academic affairs in collaboration with IT, physical plant/facilities, and auxiliary operations will help us to determine exactly what is needed for optimal learning spaces, including classrooms, laboratories, and clinics.

Marissa Brash
Assistant Professor
Azusa Pacific University
Don Davis
Vice President of Administration and Chief Information Officer
Azusa Pacific University
Mario Macayaon
Director of Simulation, School of Nursing
Azusa Pacific University
Transforming General Education through Collaboration

Updating a General Education (GE) program is often an overwhelming project due to the varied disciplines and campus needs involved. This presentation will focus on collaborative efforts at CSUSB to transform GE with a student-outcome centered approach, engaging a large number of the teaching community in the work.

Janelle Gilbert
California State University San Bernardino
Kim Costino
Director of Q2S conversion
California State University San Bernardino
Davida Fischman
Professor, Director of Teaching Resource Center
California State University San Bernadino