Thursday April 20, 9:15 am – 10:15 am
Track 1: The Mission of Student Learning
Track 2: Student Engagement, Co-curricular Programs, and Mission Fulfillment
Track 3: Faculty Engagement and Mission Fulfillment
Sammy Elzarka
Director of the Center for the Advancement of Faculty Excellence
University of La Verne
Creating a Sense of Belonging: How Faculty-Student Interactions Affect First-Generation Students

How do faculty in postsecondary education affect the sense of belonging of first-generation students? The results of this doctoral study indicate that quality in and out of class engagement contributes to the perception of belonging, feelings of mattering, and persistence. Faculty-student interaction is essential to student success.

Dalia Juarez
Doctoral Candidate
Pepperdine University
Lisa Bortman
Vice Provost
Pepperdine University
Strategies to Engage Faculty in Student Success Initiatives

San Jose State University created a strategic plan to address low graduation rates. An initiative to engage faculty more closely in student success efforts was among the results, with the goal of creating a culture where faculty are more intentional about their role in student success.

Stacy Gleixner
Interim Associate Vice President for Student and Faculty Success
San Jose State University
Amy Strage
Director, Center for Faculty Development
San Jose State University