Friday April 21, 8:30 am – 9:30 am
Track 1: The Mission of Student Learning
Track 4: The Impact of the Changing Higher Education Landscape on Institutional Mission
Cindy Mathena
Dean, Post Professional Studies
University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences
Institutional Mission Versus Student Market Opportunity: A Need for Wisdom

As the need for financial viability becomes more acute, there is a reflexive effort by many institutions to add new programs in order to attract new student audiences. When does institutional leadership know when they have added one program too many? When and how do they consider the impact of more programs on their academic mission? These critical questions will be explored in this relevant and highly interactive session.

Len Hightower
Assistant Professor
Brandman University
Using Program Prioritization to Identify Strengths, Inform Budgeting, and Increase Collaboration in Strategic Planning

Program prioritization is intended to inform budget and planning responsibly. Key points from the process will be presented from an institutional research and effectiveness point of view. Data evaluation rubrics, probing questions, and visualizations will be shared in the context of how they facilitated faculty engagement and conversations about program strengths.

Alana Olschwang
Director of Institutional Effectiveness
Claremont Graduate University